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Custom Engineered Color Concentrates for the plastic Manufacturing Industry

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                      Standard Colorants With Absolute Consistency and Quality

Hudson and Midwest Color can help you in your application with a range of colors and additives that meet the highest quality and environmental standards with unsurpassed color accuracy. What's more, we're equipped for quick production runs for both large and small orders.
                   HCC Color Chart                 Polyethylene Stock Colors

For Electrical, Wire and Cable Applications, our Munsell and NEMA colors offer reduced spark and improved incorporation.

For Packaging and Housewares applications, there's improved strength and transparency with reduced specking.

For Whites, Blacks and Additives, we offer multiple loading, multiple carriers - from commodity resins to high grade engineering resins.

For Cosmetics and Personal Care products, we maximize color strength while minimizing foreign additives that can diminish important physical properties.

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